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David M. Bullock


Art Director and Project Manager with over 20 years of experience in the conceptualization, artistic development, creation and production of national and international campaigns. Portfolio includes print and interactive media, corporate identity, print collateral, promotional marketing, book jacket designs, cd packaging, advertisements, logos and website design.


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“David Bullock combines the rare balance of being strong in web, multimedia and print design. His creativity is intuitive which allows him to easily produce a masterpiece from scratch. Whether it be graphics, multimedia or hands-on illustration, David's innovative design sense would be a perfect asset to any company.”

Kelly Griffith
Graphic and Digital Designer at Pennsylvania Medical Society




by scott campbell

Harrisburg Magazine
separatorabout This column is generally devoted to those practitioners of the visual arts commonly identified as “fine artists.” They draw, paint, print, sculpt, carve, throw, weave, weld, glue, nail…fabricating products in two and three dimensions that generally represent personal objectives. Few of them in this region of Pennsylvania make a living at it.

The Art Of DM Bullock

To pay the bills, one needs to be an artist like David Michael Bullock. The York County man is a freelance graphic designer. Bullock’s roots and initial training, however, were in the more traditional fine-arts realm. “My favorite book as a child was Gray’s Anatomy,” he says. “I wanted to be a medical illustrator.” Family members were astonished by his disfiguring of toy soldiers, and then covering them in red paint to produce more realistic combat scenes.

Later, guidance from teachers, along with self study, expanded his visions to less sanguinary subjects like still life and landscapes. Nevertheless, Bullock’s fascination with the human body endured and is represented by various graphite tissue and skeletal studies that are displayed in his studio.

The graphite work is not limited to anatomy. Thoughtful perusal of his interiors and figure efforts betrays specific historical influences. “My favorite artists are Da Vinci, Escher and Rockwell,” he says. Other mediums in which Bullock dabbles are acrylics and oils, the latter tending toward abstract imagery.

Neatly presented in his basement work space are three-dimensional comic book figures. “They’re made from a combination of plaster of Paris for the initial figure mold, Mold Builder, liquid latex rubber and latex mask paint,” he explains. Garments, weapons, headgear and other details complete the forms. “I worked with film as an intern. So, I got to work with a lot of special make-up effects, and that interest has continued in these figures.”

But, of course, Bullock’s primary vocation is graphic design. His technical skills, most of them self-taught, are the foundation for his commercial success. “When I graduated from the Bradley Academy of Art [now the Art Institute of York] in 1998, the school had one computer lab,” he says. “Since then, I have attended several workshops, software training classes and seminars.

The vast majority of my software learning came from self motivation. And that can be frustrating at times because software applications and computers are always being upgraded. In more traditional art, the tools and materials change little over the years.”

Bullock continues his education, currently enrolled in accredited online courses. Future plans include photography instruction at Maine Media Workshops in Rockport to, as he declares, “broaden my horizons of diversity as an artist.”

He is certified in Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator, and fully proficient in Dreamweaver, Fireworks, QuarkXPress and InDesign. His extensive knowledge of social networking (WordPress, Twitter, Facebook, e.g.) makes him the ideal partner for any graphic project.

“I love book design,” says Bullock. He pulls up files for a current assignment, a book entitled Yes Spaces by a client in Oregon. “It’s about parents designing interior spaces with their children…home design that nurtures their nature,” he says. “The author sends me the pages, many of which have photos. I color correct, Photoshop, and perform other tasks.”

Representing another facet of his design service are Bullock’s promo videos, one of which was created for photographer Alan Wycheck, a frequent contributor to Harrisburg Magazine.

After graduating from AI York with a strong portfolio and honors, Bullock landed his first job as an Art Director for Susquehanna Direct, a full-service advertising agency in Harrisburg. After six successful years, he decided it was time for a change and went the freelance route in 2004.






Strong background in graphic & multimedia design. Certified in Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator. Fully proficient in the use of Adobe InDesign, Dreamweaver, Fireworks & QuarkXPress. Extensive knowledge of social networking space (Typepad, WordPress, Twitter, Facebook and Social Media Design).

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