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Once a well regarded veteran in the armed forces, A. Vincent Shun has been accused of several heinous crimes. Crimes that have left his hometown of Anchorage, Alaska in disarray. Shun flees his hometown, leaving law enforcement puzzled on his whereabouts.

On the run, Shun stumbles upon a small deserted town near the Kennecott Mines. Kennecott was a prosperous mining community in the early 1900’s, now deserted and filled with old dilapidated buildings. Shun takes shelter in an abandoned mining structure trying to regroup and escape thoughts and visions that plague him. An overwhelming feeling of isolation takes a toll on Shun’s mental state. Snow blankets the roadways, hills, and fallen structures. The horrible weather hindered anyone from entering or leaving the town.

Shun later finds himself unable to escape the storm, let alone his disturbing thoughts. Solitude has become troubling, as uncontrollable thoughts and ideas come to fruition. Inner demons are born from his subconscious and enter a conscious state. Demons are actualized and roam about the town, searching for their creator.

The town becomes a stage and Shun becomes a marionette controlled by his demonic creations. Only Shun can cut the strings to his subconscious and escape what has been plaguing him. Will he battle his way from the insane world he created or succumb to his own madness?



  •    Client:

    Shund — A Graphic Novel created by dM Bullock

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    David M. Bullock